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11 September 2009 @ 03:48 pm
A Never Ending Story  
Title: A Never Ending Story
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Rating: G
Warnings: The author is a lover of clichés.
Summary: No matter whatever situation comes up, it's not the end.
Disclaimer: They own me.
Notes: It's one of those long fics that I've written - 1292 words. This is for me, you, them, and everybody who still keeps on believing in this OTP.

An honest night sky.

The gentle sparkles of the stars complimented the moon, making it elegant and calming. The silvery light of the white orb traveled down through the cold glass of Yamada's window, and touches so softly the boy's skin. Even in the natural night light, nothing and no one can oppose to the fact that Yamada can appear this beautiful.

The young boy peered through the frame and sighed; his breath moistening a part of the cold glass. Yamada's eyes flickered to look at the dark sky that contrasted to the glittering trinkets - shining ever so brightly. There were no clouds that shadow over the perfect glow of the flawless circle; and the pale sphere stands out proudly against what seemed to be an endless night. Yamada thought that it's one of those rare times when the night sky would be this breath-taking.

If only he wasn't viewing it alone...

The careful observance of Yamada brought about an unexpected flashback. Moreover, it was something that he's not used to doing. It was what people say daydreaming, perhaps. But for Yamada - who was no less than a realistic boy - it was simply a retrieval cue of a forgotten memory.

He knew that deep in his heart, it was never an abandoned reminiscence, he simply placed it away for the time being for the sake of inadvertent situations. It was there all along, Yamada just refused to let it have another chance.

It started when he came along - a boy called Nakajima Yuto. Carefree, jubilant, and buoyant, he was the exact opposite of Yamada Ryosuke.

Although most of the people see Yamada's cheeky grins and sweet smiles, those were all subjected to change. Put it simply, it's a different world when there's a camera in front of him, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

People who surrounded Yamada called him joker, for his on-cam gags and impersonations make people smile and laugh, but his aura is so cold when otherwise. They called him aloof, distant, and reserved - a loner - but Yamada calls himself misunderstood.

Yamada was cautious, and he knows that it's something that he needs to have towards others. He wasn't someone who would give trust easily, that he had built a sturdy wall between him and the others. For him, an audition is something serious. While others make acquaintances and would later on call it a friendly competition, he would see it as rivalry and survival of the fittest. While a few tried to break the invisible wall, none of them succeeded.

And then there was persistent, little Yuto, who never seemed to give up to be around Yamada. It felt awkward, of course, for Yamada's part, but deep down inside him (way deep down), he didn't want to admit that Yuto was difficult to avoid. The younger boy's bright smile and brimming gleefulness was as a matter-of-factly contagious. At that moment, Yamada found himself opening up. Before he knew it, he was socializing, and people were able to approach him.

Yuto, on the other hand, was just plain old Yuto. When he was told that he was the reason for Yamada's change, Yuto shrugged and said that he knows nothing about it. He was known as the cheerful, sweet, and naive boy as he once more bounced around the once inflexible Yamada.

For when others tried to break the invisible wall, Yuto endured to climb it.

It wasn't how it used to be. Although the memories were so vivid, they're now merely memories of euphoria reversed in Yamada's mind. As to how things changed so quickly, even he doesn't know. His theories were endless - one lead to another - but his reasons were all unstable. It's a matter of interest that people develop relationships, he claims it, which is also something he used to cover up the fact that he was weak, that he gave up on them.

And the whole reason why the invisible wall existed in the first place was that he hated to be someone vulnerable.

Yamada found himself staring once more at the night sky. He wanted to admire it as long as he wanted to. Yuto's facade appeared constantly in Yamada's mind no matter how much the latter tried to shake the thought off. The crooked smile, the vibrant aura, and the remnants of the bittersweet taste of Yuto's lips - oh how Yamada longed for them.

The stillness of the midnight was interrupted when an ablazing falling star casted in. Yamada gave it a thought...but he was realistic. Then again, if it was something that wouldn't do any harm, then it's something that is worth trying. It's not like falling stars are intended to give allegory (even if it does, Yamada didn't mind).

With a soft close of eyes, and an almost silent whisper, Yamada stated his desire. He glanced at the clock - 11:45 PM. He doubted it would even come true, but he let himself be childish for a moment.

A single tear drop escaped his eyes without his consent. It was all in vain, he thought as he buried his face against his knees. Yamada intended to stay that way until he would drift off to slumber, but a familiar disturbance interrupted his tranquil state. He raised his head to look over the LCD screen and picked up the resounding object before opening it and holding it against his ear. Something that he always wanted to hear murmured on the other line. It was a very familiar voice, one might say.

His lips inevitably formed a small smile as he listened to the hoarse voice which was once a high-pitched one.

It was unexpected, and Yamada realized that he shouldn't have been in doubt. It wouldn't change his realistic point of view though...even if the conversations unintendedly turned from short minutes of awkwardness to long meaningful ones.

"Yuto," Yamada tried to fight off the sleepiness that was coming right at him. "Will you look at the sky and tell me what you see?" It was such a random question, yet Yamada grew with anticipation from the other boy's answer.

"It's a dark sky...with lots of stars. The moon is also very bright and there are no clouds." Yuto sounded like a child who was asked to describe how his favorite toy that had gone missing looked like. "It's a typical night sky, what about it, Yama-chan?"

"Nothing." Yamada smiled in relief. As much as he didn't want the conversation to end, it eventually had to. As he glanced once more at the clock, it seemed as if time flew by so quickly - 3:30 AM.

Yamada's smile grew wider as heard the other boy yawn. Yuto was the same childish whiner, who would bother someone else when it comes to his insomnia, and Yamada was always the victim and the one who would stay up with him until he feels sleepy - not that Yamada minded.

"Good morning, Yama-chan." Yuto mumbled through another yawn and Yamada replied the same thing after a few seconds. "I miss you."


Yamada stared at the screen.

Call summary: 3:37:05

He smiled. That hoarse voice sounded clear, and he knew exactly what Yuto said. He always wanted to tell him the same thing, but before he could even reply, Yuto ended the call.

"That dork..." Yamada looked up once more at the night sky - the rare sight - and murmured a soft gratitude before he lied in bed.

Deep in his mind, he was assured that they're under the same sky. And that's more than enough to prove that it was neither false hope nor mere coincidence.

It's just not the end.
Wandering: On the roof
Feeling: accomplishedaccomplished
Hearing: Moonlight - Yamada Ryosuke
taiga_luisetaiga_luise on September 14th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
That fic is beautiful!!
Sorry for commenting so late!
I'm happy about that sweet yamajima-story!
Your writing is really really good!
Hope to read something like that from you again, soon!
Em: Yamajima_Puppyshadowsofcherry on September 14th, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you think so! Thank you so much! :)

No worries, late comments are still love! ♥♥♥

I hope I would be able to write something like this again too! >___<;

Thank you for the lovely comment! :D
taiga_luisetaiga_luise on September 14th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)

wanna be friends?
Em: Yama_dog<3shadowsofcherry on September 15th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)

No problem~! *hugs back*